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Aitava combines years of comprehensive expertise in complex IT projects. We represent both service providers and customers. From startups to large enterprises.

IT projects are the duty - successful IT projects are the chore.

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Software Development

Whether waterfall or agile development – software development contracts have two core tasks:

1. Minimum legal certainty

This involves the following topics in particular:

  • Confidentiality
  • Protection of intellectual property and know-how
  • Compliance with legal requirements (e.g. DSGVO, AÜG)

2. Allocation of project risks

  • Success risks (contract for work or services?)
  • Schedule risks (milestones?)
  • Budget risks (T&M or fixed price?)
  • And many more.

We are familiar with the entire spectrum of contractual options and negotiation strategies.

IT sourcing and IT contracting

Procurement and contracting of IT services pose challenges for customers and service providers alike. Today, selecting the right contractor is more complex and important than ever. To achieve the best possible overall deal, technical, legal and commercial details must be coordinated with internal stakeholders and negotiated and contractually documented with the contractual partner.

Early planning is essential, especially in regulated projects and public awards. In certain cases, the basic and system contracts of the EVB-IT (Supplementary Terms of Contract for the Procurement of Information Technology) have to be used.

Aitava shows you strategies to achieve sustainable negotiation successes quickly and in a resource-saving way. We provide comprehensive and interdisciplinary support. Confidentially in the background or actively in the front line – just as you wish.

Licenses and Open Source

The increasing use of technical users brings user-based license metrics (named users or concurrent users) to their limits. The trend is towards usage-based metrics (e.g. transactions). Providers and customers need to find a transparent and auditable remuneration logic. The difficulties of complex licensing models often come to light during license measurements and audits.

Especially in AI projects, open source is making a comeback. At the same time, the challenges for OSS deployment are intensified by upcoming legislative changes (esp. AI Act, Cyber Resilience Act). This is especially true for business-critical areas.

We support you with our detailed technical and legal knowledge of all licensing topics.


In IT outsourcing, tasks are outsourced to highly specialized service providers in order to exploit synergies and benefit from specialization. The outsourcing contract must take the resulting dependency into account with sensitivity. In the regulated environment in particular (including the financial sector, digital health, critical infrastructures), there are also high requirements that demand internal measures and contractual regulations. A particular challenge of complex outsourcing is the contractual safeguarding of interfaces between systems of different providers.

IT Compliance

Aitava ensures that your company complies with the regulatory thicket of IT regulation with customized IT compliance consulting. We help you identify regulatory risks and implement appropriate controls based on best practices. Our consulting approach: First, we need to gain a technical understanding of your target infrastructure and business processes. On this basis, we remove legal stumbling blocks so that you can steer your company with peace of mind.

Support and maintenance

With the increasing business criticality of software and the accompanying regulatory requirements, the purchase of software should be combined with a support and maintenance contract. Particular consideration should be given to the strict legal update obligations in the wake of current legislative changes (e.g., Digital Content and Digital Services Directive, Cyber Resilience Act draft). In such long-term contractual relationships, the interests of both parties for the greatest possible flexibility and plannability must also be balanced.

Aitava sets new standards.

We focus on smart knowledge management and drive best practices. Efficiently. With business focus. We accompany the entire lifecycle of your IT project. From planning, tendering, contracting, negotiation, execution, renegotiation to the end of the project. Even in a crisis.

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We accompany you holistically in your IT project.

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