Expertise at the highest level

Harnessing technological progress has become a duty for companies. Managing successful IT projects from start to finish is the chore. We are at your side from strategic project planning to project completion. We speak the language of your business.

Aitava is a Boutique Law Firm for IT law. We combine legal with technological expertise and offer holistic advice from a single source.

Successful IT projects with a good feeling. And an even better result.

IT & Cloud Consulting

IT Projects

Aitava combines years of comprehensive expertise in complex IT projects. We represent both service providers and customers. From startups to large enterprises.

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Cloud Computing / SaaS

Cloud computing is the new standard. Aitava understands the commercial and technological pitfalls to consider with cloud tools, in addition to the legal challenges.

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Platforms and Digital Business Models

The mega-success of digital platforms is putting legislators on notice. This is often accompanied by actionism. Aitava brings product and law to a common denominator.

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IT Security and Data Protection

Aitava supports you in preparing your company for the current challenges and regulatory requirements and in efficiently minimizing damage risks.

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IT Conflict Resolution

With forward-looking contract drafting and negotiated solutions, escalation can often be avoided in practice. If necessary, we go the last mile and conduct contentious proceedings.

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