The impact of Artificial Intelligence is everywhere.

And that’s just the beginning. In the next few years, AI will fundamentally change our world. Staying ahead means knowing possible courses of action at an early stage.

Aitava is a specialist law firm for all topics related to Artificial Intelligence and Data Economics. We help you seize opportunities, avoid risks and overcome challenges. Our consulting includes:

The world is experiencing a turning point. Artificial Intelligence is the central key technology.


The world is experiencing a turning point. Artificial Intelligence is the central key technology. Whether voice assistants, translation tools, personalized recommendations, self-driving cars, AI-supported health diagnoses or predictive maintenance – AI is expanding human capabilities.

In the process, new value creation opportunities are emerging. More and more companies are learning about the innovative value of data. The data economy raises many questions in the process: How can data be used and shared in a legally secure way? Is it possible to legally secure one’s own share of value creation? And how can AI output be used in a legally compliant manner?

Aitava provides holistic advice. The entire lifecycle of data. Thought through in business processes. From sensory acquisition, labeling, data trading, to AI training and the use of AI output – broken down to 0 and 1.


Artificial Intelligence is not only powerful, but also vulnerable. AI models can make complex black-box decisions whose logic is often incomprehensible. In addition, the quality of the underlying data is critical to AI’s performance. If training data is unrepresentative or misclassified, this deficit carries over into AI output – and can cause immediate damage.

In addition, there is the threat of a regulatory thicket that goes far beyond the GDPR. The planned AI Act calls business models into question. And opens up new niches.

Aitava provides interdisciplinary consulting. At the highest level. We draw on years of experience in the AI sector. Our approach: First, we need to understand the technical and economic challenges. Then we develop optimal legal solutions. And you can exploit the full potential of AI.

AI & Data Consulting

AI & Data Strategy

If you want to be relevant tomorrow, you need to make strategic decisions today. Aitava removes obstacles so that companies can seize the opportunities of AI.

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AI & Data Compliance

Even today, numerous regulations must be observed when using AI and Data. The AI Act and Data Act herald a new era in technology regulation.

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Data Sharing

Many companies are sitting on a treasure trove of data. Other companies can make use of this treasure trove of data. We help with data exchange.

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Intellectual Property and Protection of Secrets

Is it okay to train AI with other people's data? Who owns the training data? The trained system? And the prompts? We have answers and more questions.

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Liability in the Use of AI

In a world where decisions are increasingly made by AI, the damages caused by AI use are also increasing. We help you identify and mitigate liability risks.

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