Aitava is an innovative Boutique Law Firm for Artificial Intelligence and IT law. We focus on our clients.

Aitava is agile, interdisciplinary and efficient. Agile because no two projects are the same and we deliver tailor-made and concrete solutions. We are highly available and stand closely by your side in every project phase. Interdisciplinary, because we combine legal, business and technical expertise. We show new perspectives for existing challenges. Efficient, because we are a team that has been working together for years. In the background, we are supported by smart knowledge management and automated processes.

AI & Data

In the coming years, AI will fundamentally change our world. Staying ahead means knowing possible courses of action at an early stage. Aitava specialises in consulting around Artificial Intelligence and Data Economics.

IT & Cloud

Aitava advises on all aspects of IT law and digitalisation. We combine legal and technical expertise on software and cloud projects as well as IT outsourcing in a regulated environment.

Aitava – the AI and IT Boutique Law Firm

Outside the box

Aitava’s advice combines legal, commercial and technical expertise. We bridge the gap to crack tough nuts with combined forces.

Our hand-picked network of experts is available for cross-jurisdictional and cross-border projects. Top quality from a single source.